Erectile dysfunction or erection failure is when it is hard to attain or hold erection that is strong enough for sexual act. Erection dysfunction or failure affects the 30 million men every year. Most of the men have problem of erection from time to time, but when it happen half of the time then it is ED.

ED generally takes place when health conditions restrict the flow of blood or some nerve get damage in the penile organ. ED can also occur as of emotional stress or tiredness. ED is known as an early sign of some serious medical illness. All the disease as of heart problem, high blood pressure and diabetes are the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction.

ED can cause due to various reasons like low self-esteem, depression, stress and performance anxiety.

More than this, ED can put bad impact on married life and physical relationship. Various reasons are responsible for ED that are- Age over 50 High cholesterol, Smoking, Cardiovascular disease, Relationship conflicts, Lack of exercise, Obesity and Drug or alcohol abuse

Sexual therapist performs diagnosis and depending upon your health report, he will provide you the ED treatment.  Generally, treatment with oral medication is given and Cenforce 100mg is one of such ED medication to be taken for erection failure.

Cenforce is an outstanding medicament approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or ED in men who fails to attain erection half of the time. The medication control the erection system i.e. provides the enough amount of blood during sexual arousal in men and makes the spongy tissue harder to get up for the intimacy. It enfolds of generic Sildenafil citrate as main functional moiety, a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor class of drug.

Sildenafil causes the blockage of PDE-5 enzyme and prevents the deprivation of cGMP substance inside the penile organ. As a result, it improve the formation of cGMP and causes the enhance amount of blood in the soft spongy tissue of penile to turn them harder.

Cenforce oral tablets are accessible as of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. The impotent men should have to take one dose of recommended strength orally with sufficient amount of water. The intake of drug should be done 60 minute early to the intimacy, as drug would take 30 minute to execute its action. Only one dose is required in a day as effectual action of drug lasts for 5 hours.

The intake of Cenforce causes the side effect of dizziness, blur vision, facial flushing, nasal decongestion, body pain, muscle pain and stomach upset. The men should not have to take alcohol, grapefruit juices, smoking and fatty food with cenforce. Do not consume combination of Cenforce or nitrate derivative as it may cause hypotension. Do not drive or execute any machinery work after intake of drug. Do not take cenforce if allergic to Sildneafil or suffering from severe medical illness.

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