It is said that your brain is the most powerful sexual organ, hence it gets important for you to tune it right with your lovemaking else might get an erection but still can’t enjoy the sex. Here since we talk about males suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, all kinds of wrong can happen if you don’t set the frequency right.

  • The first thing to be done that may help a few is relaxing, do not indulge in strenuous physical activity, stress and worry before indulging in sex, let yourself breathe and relax, do something that makes you happy.  Intense workouts are good but in this case, since we are dealing with a problem, moderation is the key, once the erection is normal then, you can exercise to your ability and see whether it interferes with your erection.
  • Cut short on porn and masturbation, it increases the threshold of your sensual stimulation and it gets difficult to realize what they do on screen for that long. While abstaining you might get a feeling of being asexual, but it is only transient and once you have got hold of it, your body will feel a new sexual appeal.
  • Pleasure is the thing we indulge in sexual for, focus on it, not on performance. Feel your body, listen to the demands its making and then make your move. If you don’t feel like having sexua, do not force it, ask your partner to just stay, pleasure can be derived without inserting as well. Feel each other, feel the presence, be grateful that you have a partner and let her understand that you are still recovering. Pressure to perform can only make things worse, drive pleasure, it is meant for that.
  • Find a lady who you love and who loves you, tell her about your condition honestly, it is important to understand that in it is not only you who are suffering, she is also. When you be honest with her then expect honesty and patience from her end, try to figure out ways that can keep you both happy without involving an erection. If you don’t find comfort in something let her know, this way you can both sit and communicate and figure out what works best for your condition.
  • Read and know more about your condition, what works best and what might affect your state is important to note. Avoid substances like alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, prescription drugs etc. Eat healthy exercise regularly; remember that your erection is related to your blood flow. Find out the food that can build up your erection and focus on them. Get yourself completely diagnosed so that if any underlying condition is there, you may find it out. For those who still can’t get an erection, there is a medication which is widely preferred, called as Vidalista.

When nothing works for ED, Vidalista does. This drug is a powerful management tool for ED which is also the first line management option. Vidalista 40mg rejuvenates the love life of a male by offering him a sound and strong erection that is stable for a longer period, filling him with confidence to make love like never before. Vidalista is a brand of generic Tadalafil which is FDA approved for the provided indication.

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor drug which as the name suggests, acts by inhibiting the enzyme called Phosphodiesterase-5, this enzyme is responsible for the degradation of a substance called cGMP. This chemical is responsible for the dilation and relaxation of arteries inside the corpus cavernosum of the penile zone, thus increasing the blood flow and offering a huge erection.  

Vidalista can be availed in a dosing range of 20, 40, 60mg, the multiple dosing order is to suit all intensities of ED. The drug is taken orally with water. The preferable starting dose is 20mg which can be enhanced as per need, about 20-30 minutes ahead of getting intimate. Vidalista is available in the body for 36 hours and you are required to maintain a gap of 3 days between two doses. Dose listed here is not an alternative to doctor’s prescription.

Some side effects of this medication are short breath, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, back pain, dizziness, drowsiness, and headache.

Safety measures to be followed:

Refrain from the use of substances like cigarette, alcohol, tobacco smoke, and grapefruit juice, these will interfere with the therapy and reduce its effectiveness. Use of Tadalafil or any PDE-5 inhibitor drug with Tadalafil or any other PDE-5 inhibitor can lead to a severe drop in blood pressure. Patients with low B.P.  or those with retina or color pigmentation must not use this medication.

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