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Buy Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM) - Generic Clindamycin Gel Online

Buy Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM) - Generic Clindamycin Gel Online

Clindac A Gel is a topical gel medication, which is used for the treatment of acne that is infected. It enters the blackheads, which are formed, on the skin and it kills the bacteria infecting the acne and prevents further spreading of the infection. Therefore, you get a clear face without any spots and acne.

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Mechanism of action of Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM):

Clindamycin is the generic of Clindac A Gel is an antibiotic that works by blocking the protein synthesis in bacteria by binding to ribosomal subunits of the bacteria. Clindamycin decreases the concentration of free fatty acid on the skin and controls the growth of Propionibacterium acnes. Therefore, you achieve a healthy flawless skin by using Clindamycin a gel.

The dosing regimen of Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM):

 You must wash your face and hands before using this gel. Take care that there should be no makeup on your face while using this gel. Apply this gel two times in a day on the affected area. Apply a thin layer of this gel by gently rubbing it thoroughly. Wash your hands after applying this gel.

Side effects of Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM):

This gel shows some side effects as dryness, oiliness or itching skin.

However, it may show some serious side effects in rare cases as difficulty in breathing, allergic reactions, swelling of the mouth, chest tightness, bloody stools, stomach cramps, redness, burning, or swelling of the skin.

Contraindications of Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM):

  • Do not use this medicament in gestation or lactation period, as this will impart harmful effects to the fetus and newborn baby.
  • Do not use this medicament in children because it is not for them.
  • Do not use this medicament if you suffer hypersensitivity to its constituents.

Drug interactions of Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM):

You must take the advice of your doctor before using other medicine while using this gel. Following medicine cause interactions with this gel:

  • Do not use Muscle relaxants as Vecuronium with this gel because it increases its side effects.
  • Do not use Erythromycin with this gel because it can reduce its efficiency.

Precautions of Clindac A Gel 1% (15 GM):

  • Using this gel can cause diarrhea.  If your conditions get worse after diarrhea or if watery or bloody diarrhea persists then stop using this gel and contact your doctor.
  • You must inform your doctor before using this gel if you have a history of asthma, ulcerative colitis, allergic reactions or eczema.
  • Ask your doctor before using gel with other topical medicaments.
  • This gel is for only topical use; do not use it by any other route.
  • Use this gel on the same time every day to get better results.
  • Do not allow this gel to enter your eye or nose. If it enters by mistake then use water to rinse it.

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