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Buy Levitra 20 MG Tablets - Generic Vardenafil 10 MG Tablets

Buy Levitra 20 MG Tablets - Generic Vardenafil 10 MG Tablets

Generic Vardenafil containing Levitra 10mg Tablets helps in managing erectile dysfunction or impotence in men, who are facing difficulty in getting and upholding an erection during lovemaking session due to insufficient blood supply towards male genitals.

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Concise Description Of Levitra Tablets 10mg

Levitra 10mg Tablet is an eminent and valuable medication often suggested for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence in man have erection related issues. The failure of erection makes men incapable of attaining harder erection for intimacy. The use of this medication gives longer and harder erection during lovemaking. It encloses generic Vardenafil as the main active ingredient that enhances blood flow in the reproductive area to give desired erection for pleasing lovemaking.

Working Action Of Levitra Tablets 10mg

Levitra 10mg tablets (Vardenafil) comes in the category of medication known as PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor that shows action by thwarting the diminution of cGMP. This medication obstructs the PDE-5 enzyme thus the formation of cGMP and Nitric Oxide enhances this causes more blood formation in the male genital area, as a result, a man accomplishes long, hard and tough erection for the satisfactory duration.

The Dosing Direction Of Levitra 10mg Tablets

The commonly suggested dose of this medication is 10 mg that is prepared as tablet dosage form. An individual is recommended to take the medication at least one hour before intercourse to get the maximum therapeutic effect consume the medication via mouth with the help of a full glass of water. You can take the medication with or without food but this is suggested to avoid fatty foods. However, after ingestion of the medication, the effect lasts for 4 to 6 hours thus you can enjoy longer and better intimacy period with your partner and you are suggested to maintain the gap of 24 hours between two dosages.

What Are The Contraindications Of Levitra 10mg Tablets?

  • This medication should not be used if you are allergic to Vardenafil or any other component of the drug and any food substances.
  • The patient should consult the doctor if suffering from liver and kidney disorder, heart, and a blood disorder and blood pressure, ulcer complications or any other severe medical condition.
  • Stay away from this medication if have a history of painful or prolong ejection.

What Is The Drug Interaction Of Levitra Tablets 10mg?

While using Levitra Tablets this suggested avoiding taking any antibiotic drugs, antifungal drugs, anti-asthmatic drugs, anti-histaminic drugs, antiviral drugs, anti-malarial drugs, herbal supplements, dietary products, prescription and non-prescription medication etc as these may show drug-drug interaction

What Are The Side Effects Of Levitra 10mg Tablets?

The use of this medication can cause some unwished effects such as body pain, nasal decongestion, facial flushing, vision changes, nasal decongestion, muscle pain, chest pain,  drowsiness, dizziness, ringing sound in the ear, and swelling of hands or legs. In case you feel severe painful erection or ejaculation then talk to the doctor immediately.

What Are The Safety Measures While Using Levitra Tablets 10mg?

  • While using Levitra you should not use high fatty food, and grapefruit juices as it may alter drug absorption or increases side effects.
  • After taking this medication you may feel wobbly and dizzy, thus do not drive or execute out any risky activity after Levitra intake.
  • Never consume alcohol, recreational products, sedatives, and tobacco products along with the medication as these can enhance the side effects related to the medication. 

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