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Buy Migarid 10 MG (Sibelium 10) Tablets - Generic Flunarizine 10 MG Tablets Online

Buy Migarid 10 MG (Sibelium 10) Tablets - Generic Flunarizine 10 MG Tablets Online

Flunarizine is the generic enclosed in the brand Migarid and Sibelium. An impeccable approach to get the self out from the suffering of frequent and weired migraine headaches. Therapy when taken on rigorous basis it works astounding by lowering down the frequency of migraine attacks and brings down its intensity of striking in head. A migraine is a medical condition of the patient where he suffers frequent attacks of pain of moderate to severe range in half head. 

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A glimpse to mechanism of action of Migarid/Sibelium 10 mg tablets:

Mechanism by which Flunarizine exerts its effect on the patient is blocking the entry of calcium ions in the cells by plugging the channel via myocardial & vascular membrane pores. When the levels of intracellular calcium go down the smooth muscle cells repetitive contraction also goes down. Lowered down contraction in smooth muscles causes the dilation of coronary and systemic arteries and the levels to oxygen reaching to myocardial tissues goes up therefore total peripheral resistance gets down, systemic blood pressure goes down and the overall load of the nerves gets down and the person gets calm down.

A glimpse to the dosing regimen of Migarid/Sibelium 10 mg tablets:

Consume Flunarizine 10mg tablet orally via mouth with colossal water before going to bed at nighttime. You can take this medicine either before or after having the food but heavy meals that takes more time to digest must be avoided else the absorption of this medicine in blood stream will get delayed and so thus its effects. This therapy should be continued for min duration of 8 to 12 weeks for attaining complete benefit.

A glimpse to adverse effects associated to Migarid/ Sibelium 10 mg tablets:

Some adverse effects of Migarid/Sibelium tablets includes tingling, numbness in hands and feet, ringing in ears, sleep apnea, swelling over face, lips, & eyelids, weight gain.

A glimpse to precautionary measures to be followed with Migarid/ Sibelium 10 mg tablets:

  • Elderly patients with depressive and extrapyramidal symptoms must seek prior advice of physician
  • Avoid taking alcohol with Flunarizine else side effects might aggravate
  • Patients with galactose intolerance must avoid taking Flunarizine because this made up of lactose monohydrate so adverse reactions might develop in patients
  • Pregnant woman should take Flunarizine only on doctor's recommendation.
  • Patients with history of drug abuse must take medication only under doctor vigilance.

A glimpse to contradictory factors allied to Migarid/Sibelium 10 mg tablets:

  • Medicine Flunarizine is not safe for patients that are having liver, heart or kidney disease.
  • People hypersensitive towards Flunarizine and other constituents to medicine must prohibit its further use else, the condition might worsen.

A glimpse to other drug interactions with Migarid/Sibelium 10 mg tablets:

Some therapeutic compounds show interactions with Flunarizine and these includes Phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproic acid and many others. 

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