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Buy Silcream Cream Online - Generic Silvamed Cream

Buy Silcream Cream Online - Generic Silvamed Cream

Silcream the prescription product of Silver Sulfadiazine medication is prescribed with other treatments to aid avert and treat wound infections in patients with severe burns. Most probably, it is used to manage infection of a higher degree of burn by killing the bacteria. Along with bacterial infection of burn, it treats yeast infection and damaged skin too. It encloses of Silver Sulfadiazine as the main component.

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Working action of Silcream

Silver sulfadiazine belongs to a category of medications recognized as sulfa antibiotics. Silver sulfadiazine executes its working action by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that may contaminate an open wound. This supports to diminish the danger of the bacteria spreading to surrounding skin, or to the blood where it can ground a serious blood infection known as sepsis.

How to apply the Silcream?

Silcream is accessible under the topical preparation and you have to apply it on the affected wound twice in a day. Wash your hands well before and after you use the silver sulfadiazine on wounds. Make use of a sterile-gloved hand to apply Silcream to a width of around 1/16 inch on all affected areas. Whenever required, reapply the cream to maintain the affected areas sheltered at all times. To put a stop to or to clear up your infection totally, continue using Silcream for the full course of treatment even if your circumstance gets better in a few days.

Silver sulfadiazine cream must not be applied on premature babies or on newborns throughout the first 2 months of life as of the risk of severe side effects. However, the dressing is not required after applying the cream, unless it is recommended by the doctor. To get the better result it is required to apply the cream daily in the same manner and at same time.

Conflicting factors of Silcream

Do NOT use Silcream if:

  • you are responsive to any constituent in silver sulfadiazine
  • you are pregnant and near your delivery date
  • you are already taking Methenamine


Before using cream, tell about your medical condition to the doctor as follow-

  • If you are pregnant, planning to do so, or nursing to baby.
  • If you have history of liver or kidney disorder
  • If you have history of anemia and low white blood cells
  • If you are taking any herbal or non-prescription medication.

Side effects of Silcream

The patient while using Silcream may observe some unwanted side effects as of

  • Pain
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • redness at the application site
  • skin discoloration
  • blood in urine
  • skin rash

Protective measures of Silcream

  • Do not allow Silcream get into your eyes, nose, or mouth, and do not gulp down it.
  • Methenamine may increase the risk of drug side effects, so never use two of together.
  • Do not rely on the treatment for longer, else it may lead to second infection in the body.
  • If your infection gets worse while applying the cream, then consult with doctor.

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