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Buy Silverex Ionic Gel 20gm - Silver Nitrate Gel and Ethyl Alchohal

Buy Silverex Ionic Gel 20gm - Silver Nitrate Gel and Ethyl Alchohal

The silverex ionic gel is a topical medicated formulation enclosing Silver nitrate as its key dynamic component. The silverex ionic gel is a successful treatment of warts, burn wounds, and an eczematous circumstance and is also essential for the treatment of wounds caused as of burns. Silverex ionic gel goes ahead to dry the wound rapidly.

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How Silverex ionic gel 20gm exhibits its effect?

Silverex ionic gel embraces Silver Nitrate as the key active module that executes its effect by obstructing the growth of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria by demolished the protein necessary for the bacterial growth by releasing, free Silver ions. In this way, it shows the fast healing of the wound. 

How to apply Silverex ionic gel 20gm and what is the frequency of application?

Silverex ionic gel is accessible in the form of topical preparation. You have to use the Silverex ionic gel only on warts and not on the nearby skin surface. Generally, a patient can apply gel for once in a day but the dosing occurrence may vary as per the patient's harshness or degree of burn level. The most times a Silverex ionic gel can be used over the skin surface range from three or six times a day.

Wash the hands properly before and after applying the gel. Use protective gloves to apply the gel on the wound to prevent contamination. Cover the wound area properly with the gel.

What are the unwanted responses you can get after the application of Silverex ionic gel 20gm?

Some unwanted side effects of Silverex ionic gel are Pink eyes or Conjunctivitis, temporary staining on clothes and skin, Anemia due to the presence of methemoglobin in the blood (Methemoglobinemia).

What are the conflicting conditions for the use of Silverex ionic gel 20gm?

  • The use of silverex ionic gel is opposing in the case of oversensitivity due to any ingredient in the gel.
  • The silverex ionic gel is used for warts only but should not be prescribed for genital warts.
  • The use of Silverex ionic gel during pregnancy and breastfeeding is conflicted. So, check its use without the advice of a physician.
  • Do not use Silverex ionic gel on the skin surface that bearing a cut or the rough surface with chapped or broken skin.

What are protection points to be followed while using Silverex ionic gel 20gm?

  • Avoid prolonging the stay of Silverex ionic gel with the skin but only that much as prescribed by the physician.
  • The silverex ionic gel is supposed to interact with some other category drug like Sulphide, Sulfisoxazole, Sulfacetamide Sodium, or Sulphacetamide. So avoid the instantaneous application.
  • Do not stop using the gel when you saw the improvement, complete the course as suggested by the doctor.
  • Do not take bath instantly after applying the gel on the affected area.

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