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Buy Silverex Ionic Gel 240gm Online - Silver Nitrate Gel

Buy Silverex Ionic Gel 240gm Online - Silver Nitrate Gel

Silverex ionic gel is a topical preparation that is used externally for treating the conditions of burns and wound infections. Silver nitrate is the active ingredient present in Silverex ionic gel that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria or any other infection after burns, wounds, or stitches. Thus, Silverex ionic gel is also used to heal wounds with the reduction of inflammation.

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Working action of Silverex ionic gel 240gm -

Silverex ionic gel encompassing Silver nitrate is an antiseptic with antimicrobial properties that help to kill microorganisms. The corrosive potency of Silver nitrate helps to destroy the skin cells that are present in warts and other similar growth of skin cells. Thus, Silverex ionic gel aids in reducing the inflammation and bacterial infections associated with burns and wounds.

The way of using Silverex ionic gel 240gm -

Silverex ionic gel is used topically only at warts and not to the adjacent skin surface. Use Silverex ionic gel for one time only per day. The collective dosing regimen of Silverex ionic gel should not be maximum than three applications for warts and the six applications on a verruca that are identical to warts. Hence, you should not use or apply the Silverex ionic gel for more than prescribed dose and duration. Wash your hands after application and do not wash the surface immediately where you applied Silverex ionic gel.

Adverse effects of Silverex ionic gel 240gm-

Skin discoloration, electrolyte imbalance, conjunctivitis, and methemoglobin, temporary staining of cloths and volume depletion are some observed side effects while using Silverex ionic gel. If you found severity of any side effects then consult with the physician.

Conflicting conditions for the use of Silverex ionic gel 240gm -

  • You should not use Silverex ionic gel if you suffer from allergic reactions to any ingredient in this gel.
  • Do not treat genital warts by using Silverex ionic gel.
  • Use of Silverex ionic gel is to be done only when suggested during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Use Silverex ionic gel with caution in children and geriatric people.

Safety precautions while using Silverex ionic gel 240gm-

  • Avoid using Silverex ionic gel other than the intended skin surface.
  • Using Silverex ionic gel on the sensitive skin should be avoided.
  • Application of Silverex ionic gel near to eyes, nose, or mouth should require precautions.
  • You should avoid the use of Silverex ionic gel for a long time as this can cause piling.
  • If you are on the application of any other medical, then inform the physician before starting Silverex ionic gel.

Storage conditions for Silverex ionic gel 240gm-

  • Store the Silverex ionic gel in its container only.
  • Avoid exposure of Silverex ionic gel to light because this can cause oxidization of silver and lead to brown coloration.
  • Keep the Silverex ionic gel away from the reach of children.

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