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Buy Tadagra 40 MG Tablets - Generic Tadalafil 40 MG Tablets

Buy Tadagra 40 MG Tablets - Generic Tadalafil 40 MG Tablets

Tadagra is a dynamic medication for the men having the disorder of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunctions play a hindrance in the sensual life of men suffering from it. The men suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to hold a hard erection for a long time to enjoy sensual moments. Tadagra is the brand name of Tadalafil, which belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors.

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Mechanism of action of Tadagra 40 mg tablets:

The Tadagra inhibits the phosphodiestrase-5 enzyme, which is responsible for causing the degradation of cGMP. The Tadagra starts showing its effects only after sensual stimulation. The sensual stimulation causes the liberation of a chemical known as nitric oxide. This further causes the release of cGMP from corpus cavernosum. The cGMP relaxes the penile arteries, which causes the engorgement of penile with blood. Hence, rigid and hard penile erection is acquired for sufficient time to enjoy the coition.

Dosing pattern of Tadagra 40 mg tablets:

You can administer the single tablet of Tadagra 40 mg just 30 minutes before the coition orally. It will remain active in your body for 36 hours. If required you can take its next dose only after three days. You can have your meal along with it.

In the case of missed dose: there are rare chances for the missed dose of Tadagra, as it has to be taken only before the coition.

In the case of overdose: consumption of an overdose of Tadagra is highly injurious to your body as this may cause fatal effects. You must contact the emergency room if you have taken the overdose mistakenly.

Side effects of Tadagra 40 mg tablets:

The common side effects of using Tadagra are nausea, dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, muscle pain, headache, drowsiness, back pain, facial flushing, and tiredness.

The major side effects of Tadagra are vision problems, painful erection, shortness of breath, tremors and chest pain.

Contraindications of Tadagra 40 mg tablets:

  • Men below the age of 18 years and women should not use theses tablets.
  • People suffering allergies to Tadalafil should not use these tablets.
  • People using medicines as nitrates and Riociguat should not use these tablets.
  • If your doctor has warned, you to avoid sensual intercourse due to your other medical ailments then do not use these tablets.

Precautions of Tadagra 40 mg tablets:

  • Avoid taking the fatty food and grapefruit along with these tablets as this causes the low absorption of the medicine.
  • Abstain yourself from drinking alcohol after taking these tablets as this will increase the risk of side effects.
  • Avoid driving and other activities that need your attention after using these tablets as they cause dizziness.
  • These tablets should be used only after prescription so does not share them with anyone who does not need it.
  • Ask your doctor for a recommendation before using these tablets if you are using other medicines also.

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Amazing medication

I am grateful to the discoverer of this amazing medicine as it save my sexual life. I was simply incapable to have normal sexual relationship with women. When I started using Cialis 40mg my potency improved noticeably.
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Review by Morrison / (Posted on 10/21/2017)

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