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Buy Tazret Forte Cream 0.1% 15gm - Generic Tazarotene Cream

Buy Tazret Forte Cream 0.1% 15gm - Generic Tazarotene Cream

Tazret/Forte are the top selling brands for treating Psoriasis and acne. Psoriasis is a skin disorder, in this condition skin cells multiply by up to 10 times rapidly than its normal rate. Acne is a condition in which spots gets appears on the skin and generally occurs due to clogging of skin pores. This medicine is also effective in treating sun-damaged skin. Tazret/Forte are the active brands of generic medicine name as Tazarotene-a compound responsible for the therapeutic activity. This medicine is placed in a group of medicines known as topical retinoid, a medication works like a vitamin A.

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What is the mechanism of action of Tazret/Forte 0.1% 15gm?

Tazarotene imparts its action by being attached to all three compounds of retinoic acid receptors that name as RAR a, RAR b, and RAR c. However, it shows more connectivity to RAR b and RAR g. It also controls the gene expression and has an affinity towards RXR receptors sites.  In this way, it reduces the formation of acne and psoriasis condition. This medicine also reduces the creation of skin cells causing scaly and irritated areas and rejuvenates the texture of the skin.

What is dosage regimen of Tazret/Forte 0.1% 15gm?

Generic Tazarotene should be used on doctor's recommendation, once a day at bedtime. Firstly, wash your hands and face by using a mild soap and water. Make them dry by using a towel. Take a little amount of this cream on the fingertip, rub it on the affected skin, and gently massage the affected area until the cream disappears. Immediately wash your hands after application. Do not apply excessive cream to get the desired results rapidly as it may lead to skin peeling.  Generic Tazarotene comes in strength of 0.05%.

What are the contra-indicatory factors of Tazret/Forte 0.1% 15gm?

  • Generic Tazarotene is highly restricted to use in case of sensitivity to any constituent present in this gel.
  • If a person has a skin condition like eczema, then it is advised not to use Generic Tazarotene.

What are Side Effects of Tazret/Forte 0.1% 15gm?

Some of the commonly reported side effects of Tazret/ Forte gel are Cracks in the skin, nuisance, peeling, scaling, redness, skin staining, inflammation of the skin, dry skin, burning, bleeding, irritation, hurtful, and skin pain. However, these temporary side effects may pass after some days.

What are the preventive measures of Tazret/Forte 0.1% 15gm?

  • You are advised not to cover the affected skin after applying Generic Tazarotene.
  • You need to avoid the exposure of Generic Tazarotene to come in contact with eyes; nose, mouth, and vagina, if so then wash with sufficient water.
  • Generic Tazarotene is not intended to be used in children below 12 years.
  • You need to use sun protection as Generic Tazarotene makes you more sensitive to sun rays.
  • You are restricted not to use Generic Tazarotene in the case of breastfeeding or pregnancy as it may penetrate the skin and affects the baby.

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