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Buy Temovate Cream 0.05% Online - Generic Clobetasol Cream

Buy Temovate Cream 0.05% Online - Generic Clobetasol Cream

The Temovate cream is used in the treatment of various skin conditions as eczema, dermatitis, allergies, and rashes. It contains Clobetasol as its chief component, which is a corticosteroid. It decreases the itching, swelling, and redness that take place in various skin conditions. Thus, it provides you skin fee from inflammation, allergies, and scars.

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Mechanism of action of Temovate Cream 0.05%:

Clobetasol works by stimulating the lipocortins, which are the collection of phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins. These proteins modulate the synthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes by blocking the release of precursor arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is released from membrane phospholipids by phospholipase A2. However, Clobetasol also alters the genetic transcription. Thus, it inhibits the synthesis of various inflammatory mediators.

The dosing regimen of Temovate Cream 0.05%:

Wash your hands and the affected area before using this cream. Now apply a thin layer on the affected area and rub it gently so that the cream gets absorbed thoroughly on it. Avoid using the excess of this cream. Wash your hands immediately after using this cream if your hands are not the part of skin under treatment. You have to use this cream only once in a day. Do not wrap or bandage after applying this cream until a doctor prescribes you to do so.

It is generally used for maximum two weeks. You must ask your doctor for using it more than 14 days.

Side effects of Temovate Cream 0.05%:

It may cause minor side effects as itching, stinging, and headache. However, it can cause some serious side effects in some people as rashes, hives, difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, swelling of the mouth or lips, and skin discoloration.

Contraindications of Temovate Cream 0.05%:

  • Do not use this cream in pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Do not use this cream for children.
  • You should not use this cream if you are allergic to its components.

Drug interactions of Temovate Cream 0.05%:

    Never use this cream along with the following medicines:

  • Other steroids
  • Other topical medications
  • Immune system suppressants
  • Vitamins

Precautions of Temovate Cream 0.05%:

  • Never allow this cream to enter your eye. If this happens then rinse your eye with water immediately.
  • You must ask your doctor for advice before using this cream if you have measles, shingles, chicken pox, tuberculosis or skin infection.
  • This cream should not be used for baby's diaper rashes.
  • You must ask your doctor before using other topical medications if you are under the treatment of this cream.
  • It should be used for that condition for which doctor has prescribed you to use and not for any other condition.

Storage conditions for Temovate Cream 0.05%:

  • Keep this cream at room temperature away from heat, moisture, and direct light
  • Always use it away from the flame.
  • Store this cream away from the reach of pets and children.

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