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Buy Zocon Eye Drops Online - Generic Fluconazole Eye Drops

Buy Zocon Eye Drops Online - Generic Fluconazole Eye Drops
Buy Zocon Eye Drops Online - Generic Fluconazole Eye Drops

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What Is Zocon Eye Drops Used For?

Zocon Eye Drops are the best and reliable medication often suggested for the management of fungal eye infections, corneal ulcers and fungal keratitis (corneal inflammation caused by a fungal infection). This is a topical ophthalmic medicine generic Fluconazole as the main active ingredient to be used in the eyes as per the recommendation. This medication blocks the growth and multiplication of these fungi and helps in controlling redness, eye pain and blurred vision of the eye.

Working Action Zocon Eye Drops

Zocon Eye Drops shows action by hindering the fungal enzyme, which in turn thwarts lanosterol from being converted to ergosterol. As ergosterol is supposed to be a vital component of the cytoplasmic membrane, disrupting its production destroys the fungal cells and eventually kills the fungi, leading to the effective treatment of the infection.

How Should Zocon Eye Drops Be Used?

Before using Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) you should wash your hand and remove contact lenses before application. Use the medication according to the instruction given by the doctor. For the management of fungal corneal ulcer or fungal keratitis normally suggested to apply 1 drop into the eye or eyes that are affected every 4 hours. This is usually continued for a period of 3 to 4 days, after that the patient may be advised to use 1 drop at 6-hour intervals for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Do not use extra medicine as this can cause overdose and take as early as possible if you miss any dose.

What Are The Contraindications Of Zocon Eye Drops?

  • Do not use the medication if you are oversensitive in the medication or any similar medication and to any food substance.
  • Avoid using the medication or consult the doctor if you are suffering from eczema, blood pressure, and severe eye disorder, irritation, inflammation.
  • Avoid taking following medication including Cisapride, Coumarin-Type Anticoagulants, Phenytoin, Terfenadine, Cyclosporine, Oral Hypoglycemic, Tacrolimus, Rifampin, Theophylline, Voriconazole, Astemizole, Rifabutin, supplements, vitamins, or herbal products if you are using then consult the doctor as these cause drug interaction.

Storage Condition of Zocon Eye Drops

This medication is suggested to store at room temperature away from sunlight and heat. You should also keep the medication out of reach from children.

What Are The Side Effects Of Zocon Eye Drops?

The use of this medication can show some unwished effects such as include eye irritation or a stinging sensation. Consult the doctor immediately if you are facing any severe unwanted effects.

What Are The Precautions Of Zocon Eye Drops?

  • Before using the medication consult the doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • After using the medication avoid driving and operating the machine as this medication can cause blurred vision or wait until the effects of medicine lost.
  • Do not consume alcohol and other sedative products along with the medication as this can enhance the side effects of this medication. 

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