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Our online pharmacy portal named as USMeds247 offers you prescription as well as OTC medicines. Our sites has an easy shopping and payment method, there is no complexity in buying or payment method. You just have to follow a simple procedure. You can get delivered your product by two options:

By uploading your prescription OR by directly ordering your medicines through Order now option

Going to the medical store and paying in cash is now difficult. You can avail medicines at your home doors, with the transaction through online payment. Whatever the medicines you need just click on Order now option below the product. Next step is to Add to your cart. After that, a form will appear where you have to fill all your detailed information such as:

  • Name of customer
  • Delivery address
  • Permanent address
  • Contact number
  • Email ID
  • Alternate phone number or Address

Next, click on PAYMENT OPTIONS any of one below:

  • eCheck Payment Option
  • Bank Transfer Option
  • Other Payment Option

Once your payment is completed, an SMS or email regarding your order no. will be sent. Our customer care member will also call you regarding your Order number. In case your payment is unsuccessful or you are not able to process the payment then our customer care member will call you on your phone number. We provide you the exact delivery time and shipping time.

If you have a problem regarding any of payment modes, you can call freely 27x7 to our customer care executive. We are here to help you to give right information regarding payment methods.